Spain Housing Coordinator

"One of the best ways of getting to know who you are is immersing
yourself in new human and cultural environments"
Jaime R. Pombo

Jaime was born in Barcelona, a city he loves and which inspires him. He takes great pleasure in sharing this love with students and always tries to encourage them to make the most of their time in such a rich cultural environment. He has a vast amount of experience coordinating study abroad programs and has been working in the field since 2007.

Jaime has a degree in Philosophy from the Universidad de Barcelona and a second one in Musicology from the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona. Playing music and travelling are the two main activities he likes doing in his free time. A long time ago he visited India for the first time and fell in love with its culture and art traditions. Since then he has been trying to expand the knowledge of Indian classical music in Spanish-speaking countries by teaching practical lessons and by writing books and articles about the subject.


  • Communicate with sending universities regarding all program housing
  • Organize, assign and distribute housing spots for students
  • Organize and support student orientations, activities and excursions
  • Assist students in local culture immersion
  • Provide support to academic department


  • BA, Philosophy, Universidad de Barcelona
  • MA, Musicology, Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona


  • Coordinator of student field trips to Morocco / Onsite personal assistance during the experience
  • Numerous trips to India to learn first hand its classical music tradition
  • Extensive travel in Europe and Asia


  • High school teacher (music and language)
  • University lecturer on Indian classical music and general culture
  • Regular publishing (books and specialized articles) about Indian philosophy, classical music and traditional arts
  • Extensive working experience in the study abroad field in Barcelona