Inspired by his time in the Peace Corps, Ryan and the team at Academic Solutions is excited to set up a new service-based program in Arusha, Tanzania. Students will be based at the United African Alliance Community Center (UAACC), a non-profit community based NGO founded to organize programs and projects for the enrichment of the community.  While there they can take classes in the KiSwahili language, volunteer teach to young and old adults from the local community, and work on service learning projects in the Moshi/Arusha corridor.

Academic Solutions will offer its expertise, local contacts, and financial support to ensure your program is a success.  We are also ready to work with your faculty to develop special programs designed for the needs of your students.  They will learn, live and love Africa.
Any surplus funds generated from this program will contribute to the Leaders of Tomorrow, a program for children housed and supported by the UAAC.