Living with a family is a great option for those students who want to fully immerse themselves in the local culture. Host families are their primary exposure to Barcelona, its cultural values and some very representative customs and traditions. All family members will help the student to improve their Spanish language skills if this is one of their abroad goals, too.


Our flats are conveniently located near the university campuses as well as to city center. Students may be able to walk to class, otherwise they will need to rely on the public transportation system, which is cheap and very accessible. Some past students have said they felt living in pisos offered a more independent feeling. On the other hand they had to be quiet and very respectful of neighbors as these apartments are mixed in buildings with ordinary local families.


This housing option includes single or double-occupancy rooms within an international student residence and hostel. Residents typically include Spanish, Catalan and international students. The Residences we work with are always located in local areas of the city and conveniently connected with the city center and the university campuses by public transportation. It's a good option for those students who want to live in a more independent way and meet students with a different nationality.