Drenched in history and oozing with heritage and culture, the UK & Ireland is the perfect base for experiential learning. From Roman walls in London to the Highlands of Scotland to Celtic ruins in Ireland, your students can see it all. 
We can help you schedule guest lectures, site visits, educational excursions, study tours and internships.  We also support your visiting faculty with every administrative detail to help them succeed at what they do best: teaching. Interested in partnering with a local university? We can do that for you, offering your students a culturally-intensive integrated learning experience.

Let us help you create an academic or internship program in England, Scotland, Wales or Ireland!


We coordinate and provide academic experiences for your study abroad students, serving as your liaison between home institutions, universities abroad, faculty and students.


We provide placement, supervision and evaluation of students in community service, volunteer and internship programs. We can accommodate most majors and interests and are consistently updating our network of contacts both in London and Barcelona.  We are also proud to offer VIRTUAL INTERNSHIPS as a robust alternative for those unable to intern on-site with us in Barcelona and London as part of our commitment to education abroad.


We love to plan and organize educational activities, trips, study tours and outings for your students, making their learning come alive through expert use of local historical, cultural and social resources. We are currently revamping our cultural offering to ensure students engage with diverse communities through inclusive programming. 


We partner with a number of housing providers in London to provide comfortable, convenient and secure housing for your students and faculty.  Options include shared apartments and residence halls.