Two of the most iconic sites in England, separated by a short distance and thousands of years. Our students discover the origins of ancient Stonehenge and imagine the engineering feat it required with primitive tools, then move onto Bath where Roman baths and Georgian elegance co-exist in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. 


Synonymous with Shakespeare, the focus of our visit is always the theatre, theatre, theatre.  Our students enjoy the spectacle offered by the Royal Shakespeare Theatre along the banks of the Avon river.  They also visit the Shakespeare Properties to learn more about this legendary man.


This historic city has played a pivotal role in British history.  Our students visit Roman ruins, explore its Viking past, learn about York's influence on medieval England and of course no visit is complete without visiting its Cathedral, second in importance only to Canterbury.  York is truly England's capital of the north.


Time for the seaside!  This famous spa town gained ascendance during the final Georgian reign and has remained popular ever since.  Our students stroll along the Pier then visit the LGBTQi-friendly shambles to see, enjoy and understand modern Brighton and its rich diversity.  Then they return to the past with a tour of George IV's Royal Pavilion, a weird pastiche of Asian and Indian motifs celebrated by the British two centuries ago.


Irish and British history has been intertwined for nearly a millennia with stories both dark and bright, excluding some and privileging others.  We visit both the Republic and Northern Ireland in our search for understanding of the history, culture and people of this island.  The Irish are rightly famous for their celebrated literary traditions and friendly welcome.  Our students discover why.  


One of the best parts of being abroad in London is to experience the largest offering of English-speaking theatre in the world.  We take our students to the mainstream venues like the National Theatre, West End, and the incomparable Shakespeare's Globe.  But we also take them to fringe venues across the city where contemporary and challenging themes are embraced.  There simply isn't enough time for it all!


We offer students the opportunity to learn about ancient, historical, modern and contemporary London through walking tours that are both dynamic and educational.  Explore Roman London, go on a ghost tour, shudder when you discover the underside of Victorian London, and inhale the splendour of St. Paul's Cathedral. On foot, in small groups, and with expert guides: that's how we do it to ensure our students get the most out of our walking tours.


London = Museums!  So many to visit and so little time.  The diversity is overwhelming.  British Museum and the Tate Modern may be the most frequented by visitors but we also take our students to lesser-know museums, historical houses, and sites of cultural significance.  Flip assumptions on their head with Uncomfortable Art Tours that examine Britain's imperial past and consequences. Our guides and lecturers ensure our students maximise their learning and experience.