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  • Black Barcelona is Barcelona’s main meeting point for Black folx in Barcelona. They organize an annual festival run and led by a large team of volunteers. Reach out to them if you’re interested! (Spanish not required)
  • Coop. Periferia Cimarronas is a cultural center run by local Black creatives with an afrofeminist-antiracist perspective offering theater, stand-up comedy, a café, and other events. 
  • Afrocolectiva is a Black & gender non-conforming -owned & managed social media account meant to be informative and to center care in activism. 
  • Abarka Coop is a cooperative of Senagalese entrepreneurs and culinary activists that work to bring change through food.
  • ConcienciaAfro is a team of African and Afro-descendant people from different areas that organizes an annual festival in Madrid celebrating Black culture.
  • Intersect Madrid is a grassroots organisation that aims to open up the discussion on issues of social injustice and discrimination in formal education.
  • Black Influencers and Public Figures in Barcelona & Spain: Lucía Mbomío, Aauri Bokesa Abia, Georgina Marcelino, Desirée Bela, Silvia Albert Sopale, Yania Concepción, Ingrid Emaga, Basha Changuerra, Jess González

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  • Kabongo specializes in West African cuisine and has an incredible interior decor!
  • Espai Bèggè is a Senagalese restaurant  in the Raval that organizes all sorts of cultural and musical events.
  • Addis Abeba offers Ethiopian cuisine and culture in Barcelona.
  • TAiTU offers Ethiopian cuisine with many vegan and meat options on their menu
  • Abarka Coop is a cooperative of Senagalese entrepreneurs and culinary activists that work to bring change through food.
  • Foni Restaurant & Africa Bar, serving Gambian-Senagalese dishes, beer & cocktails
  • Spice BCN is a family-run South African restaurant offering dine in or delivery. 
  • Paloma Blanca Restaurant serves excellent and cheap authentic Moroccan-halal food. 
  • Paloma Blanca Pastry Shop is where you’ll find the sweet side of Morocco!

Therapy & Care

  • Therapy in Barcelona mainly serves expat and immigrant communities in Barcelona. They have a team of English-speaking therapists with a wide range of identities, including Latinx, Black, Indian, Arab and more. Their team of therapists vary in specializations, of which include anxiety, depression, living abroad, LGBTQ+, ADHD, physical disabilities, health, identity and more.
  • Office for Non-Discrimination run by the city hall offers free services to anyone living in or visiting the city to file a grievance and receive support in English, whether psychosocial, emotional or legal. 


Blogs, Books & Podcasts

Cultural & Social

Hair & Beauty Care


  • BAATN, The Black, African and Asian Therapy Network is home to the largest community of Counsellors and Psychotherapists of Black, African, Asian and Caribbean Heritage in the UK and are also open to other People of Colour who are affected by oppression due to the colour of their skin and global white power.