A S I A N    A B R O A D




Cultural & Social

  • Catàrsia is an artistic-political collective of Asian descendents in Barcelona
  • Furiasia is a festival of performing arts by the Asian diaspora held at the CCCB
  • Casa Asia is a cultural center that fosters awareness and knowledge of Asian culture in Spain through workshops, exhibitions, book & film series, language classes and more. 
  • Indians in Barcelona is a Facebook group with thousands of members
  • Indian Cultural Center - organizes cultural and social events, sports, workshops and Indian festivals and national days.
  • Japanese Barcelona: Culture to Discover 
  • EuroArab is a cultural organization that works toward linking Europe and the Arab World from Barcelona through cultural, gender-based, political and entrepreneurial committees.
  • Asian Influencers and Public Figures in Barcelona & Spain: Putochinomaricon, Hanakito Suga, Sònia Masuda Mora



Therapy & Care

  • Therapy in Barcelona mainly serves expat and immigrant communities in Barcelona. They have a team of English-speaking therapists with a wide range of identities, including Latinx, Black, Indian, Arab and more. Their team of therapists vary in specializations, of which include anxiety, depression, living abroad, LGBTQ+, ADHD, physical disabilities, health, identity and more.
  • Office for Non-Discrimination run by the city hall offers free services to anyone living in or visiting the city to file a grievance and receive support in English, whether psychosocial, emotional or legal.



Blogs & Articles

Cultural & Social


  • Dishoom serves Indian food from Bombay with love!
  • Punjab Restaurant is the UK’s oldest Punjabi Restaurant.
  • Chinatown London Eats shows you where to discover and experience East Asian cuisine in over 70 authentic restaurants, shops, bars and cafés in London’s Chinatown. 


  • BAATN, The Black, African and Asian Therapy Network is home to the largest community of Counsellors and Psychotherapists of Black, African, Asian and Caribbean Heritage in the UK and are also open to other People of Color who are affected by oppression due to the colour of their skin and global white power.